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Cosmic and Ecclesiastical Βuildings by the Kaimakli artisans by Kalliopi Protopapa

Oct 24 2017 - 19:00 to 20:00

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most residents in Kaimakli were working in the building sector and were known for their skill of carving the stone. Interesting is the cosmic architecture in Kaimakli, where agricultural houses with warehouses and many auxiliary rooms and houses of urban architecture are located. The neoclassical line followed by one of the first educated architects, Photiades, is perfectly suited to the Kaimakli’s craftsmen. Major buildings of the capital are works by Kaimakli artisans, but samples of their work are also found in location. Staircases, shutters, front doors in a wide variety of late 19th and early 20th centuries complement the overall quintessence.

Also, many churches of this era, such as the church of the monastery in Machaira, the churches of Saint George in Saint Dometios, the Virgin Mary in Agros, Vassa Koilani, Klirou, Karavas and of course Saint Barbara in Kaimakli were built by contractors and craftsman of Kaimakli. Particularly distinctive are the bell towers of the time with the carved decoration by skilled craftsmen. Behind their works the craftsmen themselves give their own personal character.

Kalliopi Protopapa, a philologist and scholar, reminds us of stories from the old city, explaining the picturesque landscape of Kaimakli.

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