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Kathe Kollwitz presents a Brief History of Modern Art

Dec 8 2017 - 20:30 to Dec 9 2017 - 20:30

...The word comes from the Greek language and means research, information, narration. Facts of the past concerning mankind. I'm Kathe Kollwitz, who has come to America. Seeking for something. How is it to live? To be alive...

On 08 & 09 December, the theatrical production of the Omada Fotagogos is presented with the work of Elena Pena Kathe Kollwitz presents a brief story of modern art at the Zampelas Art Museum.
The performance, in the form of a theatrical analogue, is directed by Andri Constantinou and the scenery is set by visual artist Panayiotis Michael. Lenia Sorokou interprets the role of Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945), German sculptress and engraver, whose life and work were marked by the two World Wars. The performance is the premiere presentation of the literary work by Elena Penga, Greek writer, in Cyprus.

Penga does not attempt to write a historical monologue but a fiction project: although half a century's dead, Kollwitz appears at a gallery in Soho, New York, to give a lecture on modern art. The invitation comes from a gallerist who had this peculiar idea. The protagonist has the opportunity to return to the world of the living, and does not confine herself to the presentation’s concept - to present a brief of modern art - and instead admits that she has arrived in America seeking "what it means to live".

Kathe Kollwitz: Lenia Sorokou

Director: Andri Constantinou
Stage & costume designer: Panayiotis Michael
Choreographer: Panayiotis Tofi
Lighting: Vassilis Petinaris
Assistant Director: Vassiliki Andreou
Technical support (sound): Demetris Spyrou
Projection design: Anna Kalli
Communication: Nana Valdramidou, Maria Mina

Friday and Saturday 08 & 09 December 2017
Starting time: 8.30pm

Reservations: 95716015 & 

Admission fee: 
€ 10 | € 5 (with concessions)
11 May
€ 45
5 May to 12 May
€ 35
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