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Panayiotis Tetsis and his Cypriot students

Mar 8 2017 to Mar 31 2017

The work of eighteen Cypriot students will be exhibited at the Museum, honoring their «mentor» Panayiotis Tetsis, a year after his death. Featuring artists are Yiannis Yiannakides, Aristotelis Demetriou, Annie Erotocritou, Yiota Ioannidou, Marlen Karletidou, Nikos Kokkinis, Argyris Constantinou, Andreas Nicolaou, Lefteris Olympios, Phaedra Pallari, Andreas Paraskevas, Paris Sivakas, Panayiotis Sideras, Elena Tsangara, Panikos Tsangaras, Chrysanthi Pharmaka, Mikis Phinikarides, Maria Hadjinicola.

Tetsis preferred to be introduced as the «artist carrying brushes and colours». He created with the landscape of his birthplace as his source of inspiration, the rocks and sea of Hydra, and the pine trees of his beloved Sifnos. An important aspect of his work was also influenced by the people that surrounded him. He tried to maintain a freshness to his landscapes by diluting his colours which he handled with incredible dexterity and conversely painted with intimacy when depicting the faces of his close friends and loved ones. Master in the art of oil paint and leading water colourist, as well as engraver, with his trained eye, he could convey light and colour – two contradictory elements, as he himself believed that the intensity of the light in Greece would fade colour out – with the same capability that he had of enhancing beauty wherever he came across it.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 7pm
8 - 31 March 2017
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