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World Woman's Day

Mar 8 2017 - 10:00 to 12:30

The woman was and still is, one of the principal sources of inspiration for artists worldwide. In some cases, as the artist’s muse and in others, as the artist’s model, or as both, the female figure has always encouraged and provoked the need for artistic creation.
The Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, honouring all women and celebrating the World day devoted to them, opens its doors and invites the general public for a FREE tour of the permanent collection, on Wednesday, March 8th.
Focusing on the woman’s role in art, participants will have the opportunity to see and negotiate artworks, inspired by the female figure.

10: 00-11: 00 (Greek)
11: 30-12: 30 (English)

11 May
€ 45
5 May to 12 May
€ 35
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