Custom Framing & Canvas Stretching

It is of vital importance to ensure firstly that the frame is functional, that it protects the artwork it shelters and that it keeps the art safe from chemical deterioration and physical damage. Secondly, aesthetics are significant; the frame should be beautiful and complement the artwork.

We have a variety of clients, ranging from galleries preparing for future exhibitions to artists, designers, private clients framing for their home, museums, retailers and collectors. Our large diversity of clientele helps us be innovative and seek new ways and mediums in which to present and protect art and thus find the best solution for your needs.

It’s very easy: you come to our shop, you choose a frame, you preview it digitally with our Virtual Computerised Framing System, you make your final choice, the frame production begins and, in a short period of time, the final product is ready.

Most importantly, we recommend inspection of the frame every five years to guarantee top quality.

Museum Quality Framing

Museum quality framing is the ultimate level in framing and offers the best possible protection and the most appropriate design to visually enhance your work. High value artwork and objects, including those of historical significance, are in this way preserved for future generations. This process uses the best techniques and the highest quality materials available that can protect your work from any form of damage. Museum quality framing should last for at least 30 years under normal conditions. It is important to mention that this process is not only confined to museum works but can also be made applicable to works that are of great value and significance to the client. To complement this process, we use top quality mountboards (passe-partouts) which are 100% cotton and museum quality protective glazing which reduces the effects of ultraviolet rays (UV) up to 99%.


Protective Glazing


Works of art are susceptible to ultraviolet rays (UV) present in natural and artificial light; the damage occurs subtly over time and is often hard to notice, though it can cause irreversible damage. Symptoms include yellowing, faded colours, degrading, bleaching of paper fibres and the darkening of pigments. We have many glazing options which reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays (UV) and can block up 99% of these.Furthermore, inappropriate glazing frequently becomes a mirror and creates unwanted reflections; the use of proper glazing can reduce this effect. Our 78% Reflection-Free Glass is ideal for this.

Plexiglass glazing with UV filtration is also available, particularly when artworks are large and need transportation. It is much lighter and more portable than glass, and reduces the risk of damage.

We offer a variety of options to best suit your artwork: matt, museum glass 99% UV protection, clear, glass 78% reflection free, plexiglass, UV plexiglass.

Mountboards (passe-partouts)

We have premium-quality mountboards, including cotton museum mountboards (Crescent RagMat 100% cotton, coloured throughout) which are considered the best mountboards for museum quality framing. All our mountboards are machine cut, and we can also customise them with different designs using techniques, such as drawing, embossing and v-grooving with our top quality Valiani machine.


Shadow Box Framing


These can be used to house an artwork which is three-dimensional. We can design customized boxes for you to showcase your objects. Furthermore, we can create ‘memory boxes’ for your favourite items. This could be anything of sentimental significance to you, from old family jewellery to wedding invitations, engagement announcements, medals, sports collectibles and so on.

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