Installation Advice

The process of presentation is not complete unless the artwork is installed in its final setting. Our installers can advise on all aspects of the installation of your artwork, including hanging, lighting and security. There are many parameters that need to be taken into account before installing an artwork. Light, for example, plays a primary role; an artwork should not be exposed to direct sunlight or to artificial light sources as ultraviolet rays can be harmful (a protective glazing can reduce this).

Furthermore, temperature and humidity are also factors that need to be considered. Heat, for example, can bring about a breakdown of materials – an ideal temperature should be around 18º  to 24º celsius. Humidity can also pose a few problems, such as cracking of the surface pigment and can also cause mould to grow.

Lastly, airborne pollutants, such as smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes and open fires, as well as dirt, can damage the artwork.

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