Birthday at the Museum

The Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum opens its doors to all children who would like to celebrate their birthday with a small group of friends at the Museum!

“Birthday at the Museum” is an engaging programme that invites children to celebrate their special day while discovering the art and artists within the museum collection.

The birthday boy or girl may have an idea or specific wish for their planned day which we would be happy to accommodate beforehand when organizing his/her celebration as they are and will remain the “protagonist” of the day .

With a variety of different creative programmes to choose from, the child who celebrates, depending on his / her interests and age, can choose the one he / she prefers and which suits them most. Each version includes creative play and culminates in unique creations, which can be taken away by each child upon their departure.

Programme details

Tailored for children and adolescents aged 4-16, the group works best when children are of a similar age as the programmes are adapted according to the children’s ages. The programme is facilitated by 1 or 2 museum educators, depending on the size of the group and children can be accompanied by 1 or 2 adults, if they so wish.

Duration of the program: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Programme Outline

The day will begin with a welcome and introduction on the ground floor of the Museum to get acquainted with the Museum Educator followed by a brief guided tour of the Museum permanent collection and accompanying games. After selecting the preferred creative programme, using various techniques and a variety of materials they will create something of their own, always inspired by the works of the Museum.

The festive package

  • A specially tailored programme facilitated by qualified staff 1,5 hours in duration.
  • Guidance and all materials for the creation of an original artwork.
  • Invitations for all invited guests.

Cost: € 15 for each participating child

► All additional beverages from the Museum’s café are charged separately.

► Food for the day is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child who is celebrating.

For reservations and more information please call 22456098.

The programme can take place during the opening hours of the Museum as long as there is no other scheduled event. Booking of the day and confirmation of the number of participants is necessary 5 days prior to the scheduled birthday programme.

“Birthday at the Museum” creative programmes

You can choose one of the following of the “Birthday at the Museum” programmes.

1. Emotions

The children, through a selected number of artworks, discuss emotions and feelings that people encounter on a daily basis. They will be encouraged to contemplate the feelings of the heroes depicted in each painting and imagine possible stories that lie behind the works. The result will be the creation of a paper fish expressing one of the emotions that they can recall from the programme. (4-6 years old)

2. A shared experience

Based on one of the artworks created by two artists, Stass Paraskos and Stelios Votsis, who are both on display in the permanent collection of the Museum, children can discover concepts such as cooperation, friendship and creativity. In pairs, they will work together to make their own “shared” work. A fascinating programme that will teach children that collaborative creation oftentimes opens up new possibilities. (6-12 years old)

3. The art of the Comic

Works of art often depict figures that have some form of relationship to one another. A different guided tour of the permanent collection will take place in this programme where children will come up with possible dialogues that could exist between the characters shown in the paintings. It serves as an introduction to the art of comic book making and the way an artist uses it to tell a story. Each child will end up making his own single-page comic strip with their own story and characters. (9-16 years old)

4. Accordion Book (Concertina)

The concertina takes the form of a book by folding a large strip of paper a number of times. At both ends of the strip, a piece of cardboard is used which forms the cover of the book. The result is a series of linked pages. This programme experiments with the art of creating a simple book. The empty pages could be used as a calendar or to note personal ideas, thoughts and stories. It is a creative workshop that includes stages of construction, drawing, painting and collage. (9-16 years old)

5. Festive mosaic

There are a number of mosaic art works in the collection of the Museum. This programme involves taking a walk in the yard of the museum, where these works are presented, where we will discuss the mosaic technique, the material and the subject matter commonly used for making a mosaic. Then each child is asked to create a small square mosaic, with materials that will be given to him by the Museum, under the instructions of the museum educator. (10-16 years old)

6. Make it as you wish

The child who celebrates can choose his/her favourite artworks and, together with the museum educator, craft a programme entirely their own, according to their interests and likes. In this programme, the child can take over a portion of the tour on the day, and as a host, say a few words about a work that made an impression on them. The permanent collection is all yours and is waiting to be explored. (6-16 years old)

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