The People

  • Michael H. Zampelas
    Michael H. Zampelas Chairman and Managing Director
  • Loukia Zampela
    Loukia Zampela Board Member
  • Koula Zampela-Loizou
    Koula Zampela-Loizou Board Member
  • Eirini Zampela-Constantinou
    Eirini Zampela-Constantinou Board Member
  • Marina Christodoulidou
    Marina Christodoulidou Museum Manager
  • Melita Panagiota-Sidiropoulou
    Melita Panagiota-Sidiropoulou Journal of Arts Editor
  • Anastasia Georgiou
    Anastasia Georgiou Museum Educator
  • Anna Louca
    Anna Louca Museum Educator
  • Mary Ioannidou
    Mary Ioannidou Sales Executive
  • Demetris Demetriou
    Demetris Demetriou Art Framer
  • Gocha Tchankos
    Gocha Tchankos Art Framer
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