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 The Museum is a NGO non-profit foundation that houses a selection of artworks from Zampelas family permanent collection. The Museum is centrally located in the capital of Nicosia, (Kaimakli area) near the walls of the old city; a prime location in the island’s cultural centre. The Museum presents modern and contemporary art of Cypriot, Greek and internationally acclaimed artists. Its establisment has been a cornerstone in Cyprus cultural life, by providing an art centre where the public can experience art and culture through diverse ways.

The Museum, of which architecture spans three generations of buildings, offers its premises for renting, mainly for special events purposes that complement its nature. Five unique venues, which showcase artworks, are made available to organise an event experience.

 Available venues and pricing

Basement - €150/day

The Museum’s basement area can be used for workshops, round-table conversations, presentations and for activities oriented on teamwork and group gathering.

Space: 40sqm

Average Capacity: 40-50 standing. 20-30 sitting, depending on the sitting arrangement.

Access: Stairs, Lift.

Facilities: Accessible toilet, Male/Female toilets, air conditioning/ventilation, adjustable lights.

Suitable uses: Presentations, workshops, round-table conversations, handmade constructions, team building activities, film screenings

ZMART Gallery - €250/day

The Gallery is located on the Museum’s ground floor, a venue with a strong identity mainly incurred through its renovation process. Operating on a commercial basis it aims to present the artwork of local and foreign artists, modern and contemporary art, film and artist talks.

Space: 80 sqm.

Average Capacity: 100 – 120 standing, 75 – 95 sitting, depending on the sitting arrangement.

Access: Museum main entrance, museum second ground floor entrance (entrance to the shop), disabled access, access by stairs and lift to the toilets.

Facilities: Screen Projector.

Suitable uses: Temporary exhibitions, press conferences, presentations/lectures, anniversary celebrations, cocktails events, business seminars, film screenings.

1st Floor - €200/day

The first floor gallery presents six month thematic exhibitions. All artworks presented derive from Zampelas family extensive permanent collection. Again with a focus on Cypriot art. It’s an ideal space for small groups to meet, encounter and converse.

Space: 56 sqm.

Average Capacity: 50-60 standing, 35-45 sitting, depending on sitting arrangement.

Access: Stairs and lift from ground and second floor.

Suitable uses: Press conferences, small group meetings, round-table conversations, team building activities, educational programmes.

2nd Floor - €600/day

Museum’s second floor comprises from a 45sqm gallery space, the connecting bridge, which gives visitors the opportunity to be in front of an idyllic, yet unique view of the city towards Mount Pentadaktylos and the 223sqm gallery space. The grand gallery hall is the Museum’s largest exhibition space. Enjoy your event together with imposing paintings and sculptures by significant artists.

Small Gallery Space: 45 sqm.

Average Capacity: 45 – 55 standing, 25 – 35 sitting, depending on sitting arrangement.

Access: Stairs and elevator, both from the Museum ground floor.

Major Gallery Hall: 223 sqm.

Average Capacity: 230 – 250 standing, 150 sitting (100 for dinner, 150 for cocktail).

Access: –   Stairs and elevator, both from the Museum ground floor, by crossing the Museum bridge,  stairs from the Museum’s garden.

Equipment: Air conditioning, adjustable lights, Museum’s sound system,  Museum’s equipment.

Suitable uses: Press conferences, board meetings,  presentations, workshops,  round-table conversations,  sit-down lunches/dinners, cocktail events,  educational programmes,  team building activities,  concerto.

Side Yard - €100/day

An ideal outdoor space perfect to host an outdoor cocktail or official event. This area is available to rent in combination with any of the above venues or on its own.

Space: 85 sqm.

Capacity: 130 standing.

Access: Main entrance, side entrance.

Suitable uses: Cocktails, ceremonies/anniversary celebrations.

*Renting one of the below venues, you can hire the muse m yard with an additional €50 fee
*Extra charge of €50 per hour for after-operating hours
*Prices comprise the Museum’s available equipment
*Prices include VAT 19%

Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 18:00

٭ for any additional hours, an extra fee of €50 per hour will be added.

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